Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So Brave

Believe it or not, my oldest son's recruit class had hundreds of photos taken during their several month's long training to become firefighters! What a treasure...especially for this scrapbooking mom. After a day of tower drills, the guys posed for a couple of class photos-one serious and one silly. Of course I had to scrap them both:

The Centerfield kit from Scraptastic sports colors that worked well to compliment my photos. Strips of the various patterned papers were arranged along the top with a trio of chipboard frames whose only function is to decorate the page. The "Ready For Action" flair couldn't be more appropriate! I also borrowed a look I've seen before, punching stars from each of the papers and popping them up over the page.

The bottom holds all the details: two photos, title, and a tiny bit of journaling. If you saw some of the other pictures taken during training (hose drills, ventilation, fire tower drills, auto fires, flammable liquids, etc.), you'd know the reason for this page's title. Yes, they are brave!

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