Friday, November 13, 2009

No Photos, No Problem

(Archiving LM Blog Post-October 9, 2009)

I am too reserved and shy when it comes to taking photos in a restaurant. Not only am I not comfortable, but I'd get serious groans from the kids. Still, when we stopped for lunch on our way to Florida, I should have at least pulled out the camera to capture a picture of the restaurant sign. Unfortunately, I failed to remember until we were bumping down the street away from Felix's...and there's no going back when the beach is beckoning. No problem! Even without accompanying photographs I scrapped a page, a DOUBLE page, about our road trip to the beach, and had a GREAT time being creative without the constraints photos would bring. Try it! Use a large title or an elaborate paper piecing, and tell your story with journaling. Having such a unconstrained area in which to play can unleash your creativity! But next time, I WILL try to get at least a couple photos of our stop.

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