Friday, November 13, 2009

Think Out of the Box

(Archiving LM Blog Post-March 16, 2009)

Valentines papers for beach photos? Of course! When I first saw the colors of Fancy Pants’ Valentine collection, Splendid, I fell in love! There it was, mixed in with the black, white, pink, and red…my favorite shade of blue, aqua the color of a tropical sea. As soon as I had finished a Valentine themed layout and sent Kevin off to school with a set of Fancy Pants cards for his classmates, I set about finding a photo to go with my leftover pieces of patterned paper and that gorgeous shade of blue! I didn’t have to look far. There in my stack of unscrapped beach photos from last summer were two pictures of my son and his cousin heading out into the water. And best of all, their swimsuits looked like they were made for those papers. Splendid indeed!

So don’t forget. When you’re looking for just the right shade of green, check your Christmas papers. If it’s orange you need, flip through your Halloween-themed stash. And when looking for a gorgeous aquamarine pattern…Fancy Pants’ Splendid Valentine collection!

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