Friday, November 13, 2009

Beach House Signs

(Archiving LM Blog Post-July 10, 2009)

Every year before we head for the beach, my sister goes to the dollar store and buys each family something to hang outside their screened porch. (That way the kids know which 5 of the 14 beach townhouses belong to our families for the week, and they don't accidentally end up walking into someone else's house in search of their cousin(s)!) One year she picked up colorful little stuffed fish of the Finding Nemo variety. Another year we had sparkly swirly windsocks. This year, a few weeks before our vacation, she brought out these little miniature surfboard signs of unfinished wood for each family to decorate. I knew I'd have fun using my scrapbook stash for this endeavor! I volunteered to decorate one for my parents' house and chose the hibiscus design (above). A gecko decorated the one leading up to our porch (below).

What You Need

Patterned paper
Letter stickers
Ribbon and/or fiber
Acrylic paint and/or sharpie markers
Waterproof varnish

Basic Instructions

Adhere patterned paper to the wood, cut off excess, then sand edges. Paint designs (hibiscus and gecko) with acrylic paint and/or sharpie markers. Add letter stickers for names then varnish for added durability. Finally, finish them off with pretty fibers or ribbons and hang outdoors! :)

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